Ingress Glossary

This page will have terms you should know when playing Ingress.
Bear with me as this is a work in progress and will continually be updated.
Last update 8/29/2013

Access Level- This is your level in Ingress. The current maximum Access Level is 8. Your Access Level determines items you can use such as Resonators, XMP Bursters, Power Cubes and more. You may use items of a lower level than you, but not higher.
Access Points (AP)- Points received for performing certain tasks in the game.
i.e. you receive:
  • 100 AP for hacking an enemy portal
  • 125 AP for deploying a resonator
  • 75 AP for destroying an enemy resonator
  • 0 AP for hacking a friendly portal
ADA Refractor- Acts like the opposite of the Jarvis Virus. This weapon will change a portal from Enlightened to Resistance, but may also be used by the Resistance.
COMM- Used for communicating with other players you may send messages viewable to all players or just your faction. Since Release 1.26 you have been to send messages directly to other players using the @ symbol before their username.
Cool Down - Once a portal is hacked it may take several minutes for a portal to cool down before it can be hacked again. A Heat Sink reduces this time.
Control Field- This is created by linking 3 portals. The area within the three portals will be shaded the color of the faction which created the link. Creating control fields yields Mind Units which add to the score of the faction.
Crop Circle- An anomaly In the shape of an Ingress related image consisting of many hundreds of items. The one pictured is mad of approximately 600 level 1 and level 2 resonators.
Decay- Resonators on portals reduce in power at a rate of 15% per day. After 7 days a resonator will be fully decayed. To prevent decay resonators must be recharged regularly.
Deploy- To place a resonator or a portal mod on a portal.
Dirty Hack
e-hack (enemy hack
Hacking an enemy portal.
Enlightened- One of two factions currently available in Ingress. Enlightened's portals and control fields show as green. The Enlightened believe the presence of the Shapers is a force for good.
Faction- The game has two factions, or teams, the Enlightened and the Resistance. These teams battle for control of portals which lead to control fields.
Frogs- Slang name used to refer to Enlightened faction members
Glyphs- Shapes reportedly to be communication from the Shapers to humans. Enlightened feel Glyphs have positive messages and Resistance believe they have dangerous messages.
Hack- Attempting to acquire items from a portal. The higher level the portal the higher value the items which can be acquired. Not all hacks will yield items.
Heat Sink- This is a portal mod which reduces the time between hacks.
Ingress Report- A weekly series of updates on the world of Ingress. These reports give tell about the back story of Ingress, Interesting information about the game and it's players and happenings in the world of Ingress from a neutral point of view.
Intel- Intel is located in the OPS section of your scanner. It gives the current global score.
Intel Map- The Intel Map is found at This map shows portals, control fields and links for the selected area. There is also a COMM.
Investigation Board- The investigation board is where the game and the backstory meet. Every month there is a new investigation and items are regularly posted to the board. These items not only tell you the happenings around the Ingress story line, but also contain clues to passcodes which yield items. The Ingress Investigation Board can be found at
Jarvis Virus- This is one of the most powerful weapons available in Ingress. The Jarvis Virus will turn a Resistance portal to an Enlightened portal, but can also be used by Enlightened faction members.
Link- Creating a connection between 2 portals as long as they meet the following criteria:
  1. The two portals are controlled by the same faction
  2. There are no other links or control fields between the two linked portals
  3. You have a Portal Key to the portal being linked to/destination portal
  4. The source portal is within range of the destination portal

Creating a link yields 313 AP
Link Amp- This portal mod amplifies the maximum distance a link is allowed
Media- Media items can be hacked or found. These are frequently items which can be found on the Intel Board. Pay close attention to media items they do contain ciphers for passcodes.
Mind Unit (MU)- The number of people within a control field. A faction's score is the total number of people within control fields of that faction
Multi-Hack -
  1. A mod which allows you to hack the same portal multiple times quickly.
  2. A not commonly accepted method of "tricking" your scanner into allowing you to hack the same portal multiple times.
OPS- This function of your scanner takes you to functions including"
  • Items
  • Intel
  • Mission
  • Recruit
  • Device
Passcode- When found or deciphered passcoded can be entered into your scanner. Passcodes have a limited life and expire. If you find or decipher a passcode use it immediately.
Portal- Portals are powerful sources of XM. Factions battle over control of the portals. Portals are linked to create control fields. Hacking portals can possibly yield items used in game play. Portals can be enhanced using portal mods.
There are 3 types of Portals:
  • Neutral portals - Appear on intel map and scanner as grey
  • Enlightened portals - Controlled by the Enlightened faction which appear green on the intel map and scanner
  • Resistance portals - Controlled by the Resistance faction which appear blue on the intel map and scanner
Portal Mod (MOD)- These are items which can be added to a portal. Examples of portal mods include:
  • Portal Shields
  • Heat Sinks
  • Link Amps
  • Force Amps
  • Turrets
Resistance- One of the two factions fighting for control of of portals and control fields. Resistance faction members believe they are helping defend mankind by resisting the Shapers
Scanner- When you launch the Ingress app your Android powered smart phone becomes your scanner. The scanner is your primary tool to play the game. You use it to find, hack and equip portals.
Smurfs- Slang name used by Enlightened faction members referring to Resistance faction members.
Turret- A portal Mod which increases the number of defensive attacks on an enemy hacking a portal
XM Anomaly- Events related to exceptionally high use of XM Energy. Anomalies are planned events where factions meet in certain locations to capture certain set(s) of portals. The prevailing team receives additional information or a key character announces their alignment or change of alignment.

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